The BEST Networkbeta

The Biomedical Education and Skill Training Network is a collaboration of Australian Medical Schools developing next-generation adaptive learning courseware

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Adaptive Tutorials

Adaptive tutorials are learning activities which use an Intelligent Tutoring System to adapt online learning to the student’s level of knowledge and understanding, providing them with the customised educational content and unique feedback they need, when they need it.

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Cases are a collections of data, facts and indications given in the context of “problems” that needs to be analyzed and resolved. The BEST cases were collaboratively developed by experts from various disciplines in healthcare, representing different professional perspectives that are branched into the case. The cases promote learning by doing and personalized investigation through cases' different decisions and pathways.

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Virtual Labs

Based on actual real wet labs, Virtual labs are are designed to promote rich interactive "learning by doing" practices and simplify access to learning activities which are expensive to produce and complicated to run. The Virtual labs are configured by their authors to suit specific learning objectives but can be adapted to be used for various other lab practices.

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Virtual Microscopy

Adaptive tutorials utilizing virtual microscopy for the study of Histopathology - the microscopic study of diseased tissue in anatomical pathology. Virtual Microscopy uses digital images of stained tissue sections, stored in a multiresolution file format. Using a custom built viewer, these slides can be viewed in a web browser in a manner that closely simulates examination of glass slides with a real microscope.

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Kidney (LS & TS)

Title: Kidney (LS & TS)
Organ/Tissue: Kidney (LS & TS)
Species: Rat
Stain: PAS, Tartrazine
Contributor: University of New South Wales